Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturn-Day sabbath VS Lunar Sabbath

The Sabbath is one of the most talked about controversial topics, however the 7th day according to scripture is the Sabbath, as many are compelled to instruct many theory’s, claims or doctrines on how the Sabbath should be observed. In Judaism according to Judaic law, Saturday is the 7th day Sabbath, which on a large scale, the 7th day Adventist, Hebrew, messianic and Israelite groups would agree.

It is a knowned historical fact, that the origin of Saturday was named after a Roman god called “Dies Saturni” Saturn-day which was the original 1st day of the week, on the 1st Roman calendar. Historical evidence of Saturn-day being the original 1st day of the week, can be viewed in this link

It is also a scriptural fact that the Biblical Israelites observed a Hebrew Lunar calendar, which they have used to calculated the Sabbaths and holy feast days. New Moon in the Hebrew lunar calendar is the beginning of the month, as it was observed by many ancient civilizations, including ancient Israel.

The calendar that we use in today’s modern society is the Roman Christian calendar, which is no where mentioned in scripture, nor was it ever used by the Biblical Israelites. Upon comparing the Hebrew Lunar biblical calendar vs the Roman Christian calendar (Gregorian), It is evident that the monthly cycle upon both calendars are not identical.

The Julian/Gregorian which is a calendar that is inspired by Satan, does not constitute the New moon as the beginning of the month, as being that this was done on purpose by the Roman empire who is the fourth beast in (Daniel 7:23-25)

The Sabbath law was given a few months after the Exodus period and during that particular time, the Roman Empire and the Roman Christian calendars did not exist, neither did the word Saturday or Dies Saturni. So upon knowing this fact, you would ask yourself. What calendar should the 7th day Sabbath should be calculated upon ? Should I calculate the 7th day Sabbath upon the Biblical Hebrew lunar calendar or the Roman Christian calendar that was inspired by Satan ?
Here below is the chronological time order
The Torah was written sometime during the Exodus period somewhere in 1491 B.C.

Rome came into existence around 753 B.C. by someone name Romulus as he nicknamed the city Roma in latin.

The 1st solar Roman calendar came into existence in 46 B.C. by Julius Caesar and then the Roman catholic church (Pope Gregory) reformed the Julian calendar in 1582 which is called the Gregorian calendar that we have today in main stream society is observing.

As you see Rome, did not come into the scene from 730 years or so later from the Exodus period and the 1st solar calendar that came from Rome, came into the scene like somewhere 1,445 years later. The calendar that was used when the Torah was written, is a Hebraic lunar calendar which constitutes New Moon as the beginning of the month. The calendar we use today is not scriptural and does not constitute New moon as the beginning of the month. The calendars from Rome was inspired by Satan and Satan has always wanted to change or do away the things of the Most High.

According to Ecclesiasticus 43:6-7 (Apocrypha) The moon was created for a declaration of time, as it was created to be a watch in the sky. There is no scripture that implies that the sun was created for a declaration of time over the days of the months, as being the Julian/Gregorian calendar is governed by the Sun which designates it's months, days and years.


In this website: http://www.scripturalsabbath.com it will explain in full detail on the origins of Saturday Sabbath and the Sabbath reckoned by the New moon upon the biblical Lunar Hebraic calendar.